Top Seven Tips to be Successful while Learning Online

Introduction to Graduate Online Learning at Nuremberg Schule is a week-long orientation course, preparing Open Learning Scholars for success in online classes through assessments, articles, videos, assignments, tips and strategies. Orientation instructors are dedicated to ensuring students are equipped with the skills they need to begin Nuremberg Schule Online coursework.

The instructors for orientation are used to working with students that are new to online learning and Nuremberg Schule and compiled a list of helpful tips to know, before you dive into classes.

Tip 1:

The best Internet browsers to use in Nuremberg Schule classes are Chrome and Firefox. Both are free to download.

Tip 2:

Nuremberg Schule Tech Support is available by email.

Tip 3:

Microsoft Office 365 is free for Nuremberg Schule students. Login to MyNS and download directly.

Tip 4:

Review in your section what tools students need to successfully participate in online classes.

Tip 5:

In each course, make sure you are keeping track of assignment deadlines and which timezone the deadline is listed for. Note: You will need to insert your timezone in ‘Local Time,’ and insert Mountain Standard Time (MST) in the converter.

Tip 6:

To ensure students are ready for proctored exams, they should upload their photo in MyNS. Simply click on the Profile tab, click on the placeholder image, click browse then locate and select an image and upload.

Tip 7:

For videos and information about using Blackboard, explore the “Blackboard Videos & Shortcuts” menu item in your orientation class.