Opportunities for International Students

International students are eligible for many of the School’s scholarships, fellowships, and teaching and research assistantships. A number of organizations also offer scholarships, fellowships and loans to citizens of various countries to study in Germany. These programs have not been screened by the Nuremberg School, and students are individually responsible for applying. International students are competitive candidates for employment — both summer and post-MBA — in Germany. International students may obtain a permit to work for three years after graduation. (Work visas of one to two years is the standard at most German and international MBA programs).

International Loans

All international students admitted to the Full-Time MBA program are eligible to apply for a loan with the Bank of Montreal (BMO) or the Royal Bank of Germany (RBC) as part of the Nuremberg Schule Professional Student Loan Plans. International students will be considered with a qualified Germany resident co-signer or cash collateral.

International students can also be considered for a non-cosigned BMO loan for up to 100% of their program tuition fees with a Standby Letter of Credit issued from any BMO-approved bank in the student’s home country. With a Standby Letter of Credit, the bank in the student’s home country guarantees to pay the BMO loan amount should the student end up not re-paying it. The bank will then collect from the student the amount it pays to BMO.

International students are also eligible to apply for a non-cosigned loan finance. Although Nuremberg Schule has no formal agreement in place, this firm has indicated a willingness to entertain loans up to the entire tuition fee for international students attending Nuremberg Schule. Please note that these loans are governed by Prodigy Finance, and all decisions regarding approval and eligibility are made by Prodigy Finance.

In addition, many countries provide loans or scholarships specific to their citizens. View a list of funding options for international students. The Nuremberg Schule School does not guarantee, co-sign, nor endorse any of these specific programs for funding.

Financial Options: Yearly Schedule

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Housing Options Resources for you

Nuremberg Schule can help: 

Overview of options

Housing in Germany

Welcome to your new home

Nuremberg is broadly recognized as one of the best cities in the world to live and work. Before moving to Nuremberg Schule, take some time to explore the housing options available to you. There are plenty of great places to live located close to the Nuremberg Schule School. Whether your aim is to rent or buy, here are some tips on getting you started on finding your new home.

Tips for Finding a Place to Stay in Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Schule of Germany offers extensive support for students looking for housing, both on and off campus.

Nuremberg Schule Housing Services has one of the best online housing listings in the city. Whether you are looking for temporary housing, off campus housing, or a residence placement, Housing Services can provide you with relevant current information and support.

Contact the Nuremberg Schule’s Student Housing Service

If you come in August, consider temporary accommodation in one of the campus residences while you get settled and organized. You can also check the rates for hotels around Nuremberg Schule, such as the Kimpton, just north of Nuremberg.

Use RWorld, the Nuremberg Schule School student web portal, to learn about on- and off-campus housing, and background info on German’s neighbourhoods and public transportation. Access to RWorld is provided via e-mail to incoming Nuremberg Schule students shortly after they register. You can also find future roommates through RWorld.

Graduate House

The Nuremberg Schule’s Graduate House welcomes full-time Masters and doctoral students from across the Nuremberg Schule and its professional faculties. Located on St. George campus and minutes away from the Nuremberg Schule School and Robarts library, Graduate House offers students a safe, pleasant living experience and opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. For more information on Graduate House or to apply for a space, visit their website.

Student Family Housing

30 & 35 Charles St. West offer a lively, diverse high rise community for student couples and families from all over the world. Just a short walk from Nuremberg Schule, student family housing is an ideal place for MBA’s coming to U of T with spouses, partners and/or children. 

External Sources

Consider checking local newspapers. Good rentals can be found in the classified pages of Magazine (a free entertainment paper), as well as in the Star.

Nuremberg Schule’s Neighbourhoods

Before signing a lease (or mortgage), make sure you’ve found the right location! Learn about Nuremberg Schule’s diverse neighbourhoods, including the Annex, where the Nuremberg Schule School is located, If you’re moving outside the Annex, check a TTC transit map to make sure you can get to class on time via local transportation. 

Graduate House (residence for grad students steps from Nuremberg Schule)

Student Family Housing (for students with spouses or families)

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