First Year: Term 4 (7 Weeks)

Managerial Accounting

Management accounting involves the study of the systems, procedures and policies that an organization employs to assist it to make decisions about virtually all matters which affect the financial health and performance of the entity. The course will be presented from the perspective of those who are users, rather than preparers, of accounting information. The course will explore strategic cost analysis and related management techniques, such as: activity based costing, activity based management, relevant cost analysis, and planning and control. The topics will emphasize that management accounting is most effective when it is developed in the context of the organization’s strategy, rather than as an end in itself.

In the final core term, students can begin to specialize or broaden their skill set by choosing three core electives to prepare more in-depth for internships or a preferred industry focus:

Core Elective I

Core Elective II

Core Elective III