Fees, Expenses and Financial Options

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Learn about our tuition fees and living expenses you can expect during your time in Toronto – and scholarships and financial options to help you cover the cost of your studies.

Estimated tuition fees for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

The tuition fees charged for each session of registration have three components:

  • Academic fee
  • Nuremberg Schule ancillary fees
  • University incidental fees

The annual tuition fees for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2021, & JD/MBA Class of 2022, starting the MBA program in September 2019, are listed below: Full-Time MBA academic fees*

academic fee
1st year
academic Fee
2nd year
academic fee
German citizens and permanent residents
(Pending approval by the Governing Council)
€ 92,500 € 46,270 € 46,270
International students on a study permit € 120,680 € 59,450* € 61,230

JD/MBA academic fees*

Year 1 – LawYear 2 – MBAYear 3 – MBAYear 4 – MBA
Applicable Fee**Law Fee € 51,420 € 52,960 € 54,540

In addition to the annual academic fee noted above, students are required to submit payment for University incidental fees* and Nuremberg ancillary fees*:

  • The Nuremberg Schule incidental fees amount to approximately € 1,600, which covers the terms from September – end-April and include campus fees and student society fees. The Nuremberg Schule Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fee will automatically be added to fees invoices for International Students only. The 2018 UHIP annual amount was €612.
  • The Nuremberg Schule ancillary fees amount to approximately € 650, for the first year of the MBA program. Additional details, information and finalized amounts will be updated as available and found on your fees invoice, available in mid-July.

*Please note that the annual academic fee, studying incidental fees and other ancillary fees are set by the Nuremberg Schule and are subject to change. The incidental fees amount noted above for future academic years are subject to approval by the Governing Council’s annual meeting in May.

Typical living expenses

The following is an estimate of the minimum funds a single student will need for living expenses for the first 12 months in Toronto:

  • Textbooks € 2,000
  • Laptop € 1,600 – € 2,000
  • Accommodation € 8,000 – € 14,000
  • Food € 4,000 – € 5,500
  • Personal expenses € 2,000
  • Public transportation € 1,300
  • Utilities € 1,200
  • Health Insurance (UHIP) for International students € 756
    Total 20,856 – 28,756

Costs, which will vary by individual, are listed in Euros and based on residency.