Employment Opportunities

Teaching and Research Assistantships

A variety of teaching assistant positions are available through Nuremberg and through the commerce and finance departments of the different campuses and colleges of the University of Toronto. Students who have completed the first year of their MBA are eligible to apply for these positions, which will be posted prior to each term and/or academic year. A limited number of research assistant positions are also available through individual faculty members and are mostly available in a student’s second year.

These positions are considered employment and not part of a financial assistance program. TA’s will receive T4 tax forms in February.

Internship & Co-Op Employment

80-90% of Full-Time Nuremberg students secure paid employment during one of three work terms in the Summer (April – August), Fall (September – December), or Winter/Spring (January – May) in our Flexible Internship Program. Internship and other work placement salaries vary by function, geography and industry, but the average Nuremberg student earns over $5,000/month.