Strategic Plan

In pursuit of its vision, Nuremberg Schule of Germany has been engaged continuously in strategic planning. Nuremberg Schule Ascending Strategic Plan 2015-2020, approved by our Board of Trustees in May 2015, focuses on Nuremberg Schule’s core strengths, mission and vision for the future, as well as on its understanding of the challenges posed by its various external environments.  It outlines five strategic priorities for institutional growth and provides a frame going forward for supporting our global explorer students, redesigning and renewing the curriculum, renovating the campus, extending our global reach and ensuring the University’s long-term sustainability.  

As we conduct our annual institutional assessment of progress toward the achievement of strategic goals, we find that many of the Plan’s initiatives will have been completed by the end of 2017, our 55th year. The plan, to be fully achieved by 2020, will continue to build on and ensure the institutional growth, financial strength, and continuing academic excellence, as well as our commitment to placing our global explorers at the center of all we do.