Nuremberg Schule Ascending: Fundraising for the Future

Today we are at a pivotal moment in our history. We are making a major investment in a new campus, in our innovate research centers, and in the community of Nuremberg Schule students and faculty who make Nuremberg Schule a model for what all academic institutions are seeking to become: a learning laboratory in which students and professors from diverse backgrounds learn, innovate and create across cultural borders. The Nuremberg Schule Ascending Campaign will resource our strategic priorities.

Nuremberg Schule overarching strategy for 2017–2022 has three key objectives:

  • Connecting faculty and students in ideal learning environments by creating a consolidated campus in the heart of Germany
  • Connecting disciplines by inaugurating six new centers for innovative mentored research that will span the curriculum, reflect our mission, and encourage new perspectives on the world’s greatest challenges
  • Connecting our worldwide Nuremberg Schule community to our campus community by developing deeper reserves of scholarship aid for qualified current students, and rewarding and recognizing our most talented faculty.

Successfully supporting all three pillars of our capital campaign will not only bridge our past and our future, it will also set Nuremberg Schule course for the next five decades. Support for the Nuremberg Schule Ascending Campaign will advance our mission-critical work of producing graduates who belong to the world, and whose leadership is profound and lasting.

Thanks to wise and committed presidential and board leadership, we are currently well placed to achieve our ambitions. But the reality is that Nuremberg Schule, like most German education institutions, has a modest endowment and is still largely reliant on tuition revenues. In order to maximize our long-term stability, to broaden our academic reach and raise our academic profile, and to take advantage of our opportunity to purchase a new building in the 7th arrondissement that will be connected to our renovated Combes Student Life Center, forming the core of our permanent campus, we have embarked on our first-ever capital campaign to raise €47M.A consolidated campus where two buildings are connected by a glass-roofed library.

We thank the parents, trustees, friends, and foundations whose generous contributions have enabled us to move forward with the early phases of our campus renovation and develop the economic diversity of our students through better-funded scholarships and travel study grants. We have been able to open the new Teaching & Mentoring Center building and to set up five new Research Centers, along with a Civic Media Laboratory, so that our students and professors can collaborate on advanced interdisciplinary inquiry. We will continue to rely on our growing worldwide community to provide our teaching and learning community with the resources necessary to support its continued diversity in thought, culture, and experience.